How to write a good essay for AP English

The AP English essays require a more advanced set of writing skills that the standard for the average English class in high school. This increased expectation requires students to pay special attention to grammar, spelling and the formation of coherent ideas in his essays. Students taking AP English classes, conducted more than along their higher education level, which is beneficial to become solid in the basics of writing beforehand.



Think critically about the passage, the book or the current reading section. If your essay is more than a written text, take time to observe and formulate ideas. The essence of a good AP essay will consist of the thoughts that you have to contribute and how clearly present. You should be able to make insightful comments on the text as well as file a lawsuit and an argument to support your observation. Taking the time to brainstorm lets more clearly indicate your views.

Write a concise thesis. The title of your thesis should be the basis on which put up the rest of the contents of your essay. This should be declarative, not “I think” or “My opinion is,” before the declaration. In some cases, it is helpful to pose a question as a statement of your thesis, just to launch your thoughts.


Write your introduction, incorporating the title of your thesis. Your introduction is an opportunity to present the material you plan to discuss and indicate precisely what you speak. An AP essay should have an introduction to flow gently, using grammar and punctuation appropriate and sophisticated writing style.

Outlines and fills the body of the essay. The central section of an essay should include at least three to five paragraphs. These should be written at a level consistent with that of a college student. Will be expected to present a valid support for your thesis with well-articulated arguments and explanations.

Conclude your essay with a short paragraph that reaffirms your thesis succinctly and to communicate how you proved your point along it. In an AP level, your argument should be well informed, perfect your grammar and your spelling and sophisticated structure of your sentences.

Never write in first person. In an AP essay, it is assumed that when the reader speaks, he is speaking from his own perspective. Good arguments waver if preceded by “I think” or “It could be said.” Strongly Express your facts and opinions. This is part of an essay on a college level compared to a standard non-AP level.